There are a lot of bath & body businesses out there. There are many that even offer completely natural products that are safe & effective for you and your family. But our dedication to sustainability is unmatched.

Sustainability can mean many things, but it always comes down to sustaining health:

Environmental Health. Environmental sustainability is one of the biggest facets of sustainability. This kind of sustainability is really what pushes us to grown and change our products. Over the years, as we've learned more about the ingredients we use in our natural formulations, we've discovered that some ingredients-while not detrimental to a person's health-can wreak havoc on natural landscapes, wildlife and their habitats, and the lives of people in developing nations. For that reason, we have stopped using the following ingredients:

Palm Oil, which is harvested in plantations that are created after orangutan and tiger habitat is cleared. Instead we use Organic Virgin Shea Butter.

Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Rosewood Essential Oils, which all come from endangered tree species. Frankincense is also most often harvested in areas of conflict in Somalia.

Personal Health. To you, our customers, probably the most obvious difference between our company and the others you come across at grocery stores, specialty shops, and craft shows is our dedication to pure ingredients that are known to be safe for you and your family. We always use 100% pure essential oils in all of our scented creations. The only chemicals we ever use in our formulations are lye (this turns oils into soap-you can't make soap without it!) and phenoxyethanol (a mild preservative that we use in our Liquid Goat Milk Soap). We promise to always think carefully before adding any lab-created ingredients to our products, and to always keeping you in the loop when we do!

Economic Health. When we think to future employees we don't think of minimum wage. We think of living wages and fair benefits. Our products aren't the cheapest ones out there, but we can promise you that our employees are grateful for that. We believe that economic change and justice starts in the workplace: If employees are paid and treated fairly then our world becomes a better place.

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