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About Us, Part 4

Posted by Sara on 11th Jan 2015

And now, on to me in my fourth and final installment in our "About Us" series. Let's see how well I manage to write about myself!I suppose I'll start in high school, where I started with Steve. Unlike … read more

About Us, Part 3

Posted by Sara on 10th Jan 2015

It's Steve's turn for a little introduction! He's not as cute as the goats, but I've still got some adorable pictures of him with a little help from baby farm animals.See? Pretty cute! These babies we … read more

About Us, Part 1

Posted by Sara on 7th Jan 2015

One of the reasons I've started blogging more is because I want people who visit our shop online to know the "who" behind our products, not just the "what." People often tell us at craft shows that th … read more

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