New Stuff!

New Stuff!

Posted by Sara on 1st Dec 2020

Hello, and happy Small Business Saturday 2020! What a year it's been! The whole world's been slammed by a pandemic, we somehow managed to have a presidential election anyway, so many important social issues came to the forefront in the American experience, and of course I had a baby! It's been such a wild year, and I hope you're all doing ok. Don't worry, 2020 can't last forever (and I don't think the pandemic will, either!)

I've been inspired to get back into creating new stuff this fall. For a while I've wanted to do more aromatherapy products, like a roll on or room spray. We'll also be releasing a handmade ceramic essential oil diffuser later this season! Plus when I was poking around in my studio I realized I still had some stickers and containers for our old body butter and sugar scrubs, so I'll be making a couple jars of those as well. But you already know those products, so let's focus on the new things!

First of all, I've created new labels for these new, experimental products under the name "Chicory Farm Lab". I thought it was a more appropriate name, especially since not all of these products are soap. They're also printed on matte Kraft paper stickers, so the labels are not as glossy or colorful, but I really love how they look! I'm thinking when we run out of the Healing Salve stickers it'll be time for a refresh on those as well...

So here's what we've got:

Roll On Bottles

These aromatherapy bottles are made to be used throughout the day on your wrist, temples, feet, or wherever. They're made with golden jojoba oil and essential oils.

Room Sprays

I love these! I've been keeping a Lavender Rosemary bottle in the kitchen for when the compost is smelly, I cook bacon, or the dog has an *accident* in the house. Sometimes it's just nice to spray and have a fresh, different smell inside too. I'm looking forward to using these a lot this winter!

Castile Soap/Liquid Soap

This product is a combination of lots of ideas. First off, it's 50% castile soap paste (just saponified olive oil) that I had in the studio. Then I added 50% SunShea liquid soap from Vermont Soap company, because olive oil soap doesn't really lather at all (you need coconut oil to get a good lather). Finally I scented it with a healthy dose of our signature essential oil blends. But that's just the beginning. These bottles are sold without a pump top, reducing the amount of plastic used overall, AND allowing you to use it as a foaming soap at home! I was thrilled to find a super high quality foaming soap pump that fits on a Mason jar. I've been using these pumps at home and they're really excellent. Oh, and it's VEGAN so we don't have to use any preservatives and we finally have a vegan product back in stock!

I'm so excited to share these all with you. I hope you like them too! Please send me your feedback. After all, these are just experimental products but if they're popular enough we'll keep them around!

Happy almost 2021,


P.S. I hope you've seen it on the home page, but you can save 20% on your order through the end of the year with the coupon code "SeeYaBye2020". Buh bye, 2020!

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