March is OVER!

Posted by Sara on 31st Mar 2015

I swear, I like writing these. I really do. You'd think that wasn't true by how infrequently I've been doing it lately.


I used to work at a Unitarian Church. Each year the leadership of several churches around the country and Canada get together to decide what monthly themes they would use in the coming year. The themes were an awesome creation that helped this sometimes-vague religion (but always interesting and at the forefront of the envelope pushing) to achieve cohesiveness and excitement about each week's services and programs. 

Anyway, I remember last year when I was invited to participate in the planning as our head minister's personal assistant/stenographer. The previous year they had designated the month of March "Vulnerability," which seemed like a good idea at the time, I'm sure, and actually was a good idea, but have you tried being really, truly, outwardly vulnerable for a WHOLE MONTH? How about for a day? The poor ministers were basically performing harakiri each week at the alter, sharing their deepest, darkest truths, which inspired the congregation to go deep and honest too, and by April everyone was emotionally drained. So in 2014 as everyone at our church sat around the easel some serious thought was given to what exactly the nature of March's theme would be for 2015. They came up with Resilience.

I could definitely have used some Resilience reminders last month, as well as a few "Eh!" *shoulder shrug*s that my uncle's church is known for. It was definitely just one of those months for me that seemed to whisper on the wind "Don't even bother, it's not gonna work." Boo, March! Yay, April!

Aw, man, I didn't even think of a good prank to play on you guys. Seriously missed opportunity. Well, you've been warned for next year.

I hope you all had a good March, but if you didn't, at least it's over now! Hopefully I'm starting the month off right with a blog post!

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