Happy Earth Day!

Posted by Sara on 21st Apr 2015

It's Earth Day today! I wanted to share something fun and informational that was still uplifting and positive about ways we can fix the negative impact we often have on the environment. We all know we do things we shouldn't do like throwing out things that could be recycled, or driving 25,000 miles a year in your car (yea, that's us!). So I didn't want to throw something out there that was just going to keep reiterating that information.

Instead I found a great infographic about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and the benefits of getting students interested in these fields. Not only will the future scientists, engineers and mathematicians be making more money in their chosen fields, they'll also be armed with knowledge and creative thinking skills to help us tackle the coming environmental issues we'll face.

So for this Earth Day, instead of planting a single tree or drinking out of a mug instead of a paper cup, why not talk to a kid in your life about the awesome stuff they can do while they grow up in STEM fields!


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