Don't want to pay for shipping?

Don't want to pay for shipping?

Posted by Sara on 12th Nov 2018

Hello, my lovely customers!

I have a quick-and-soapy message for you today.

If you'd like to save on shipping (and who wouldn't?) I have two ways that you can get FREE shipping every day of the year. Yes! No longer will you have to suffer the cruel fate that is $5 flat rate shipping.

But before I tell you-- Did you notice that everything's on sale?

Yes! Everything's on sale now through the end of the year. So get yourself and your loved ones some Thanksgiving soap, Hanukkah healing salve, Kwanza sugar scrub, Christmahanakwanzika assorted seconds, Christmas liquid soap, or New Years dog soap now!

Ok, now that you're excited, let's see how to save the big bucks so you can treat yourself to a little Peppermint Mocha (I may have had one a few minutes ago and my hands MAY be jittering from the caffeine as I type this...).

  1. Spend $45 or more: Whenever you spend at least $45, shipping is always free! Easy as that!
  2. Use coupon code Pickup at checkout, and pick your order up at EMP Antiques in Bloomfield, NY: Just wait for an email from yours truly to make sure your order has been filled! EMP Antiques is located at 6746 State Route 5 & 20, Bloomfield, NY 14469. They're open weekdays from 10-4, and weekends from 10-5.

BOOM! Now go get yourself that pricey latte and don't think about the calories. How else will you get motivated to keep your New Year's resolution to lose weight if you don't gain some during the holidays?

Head Butts & Goat Kisses,


P.S. How about those cuties on the home page? That baby is my husband Steve, and the rest of the wide-eyed kiddos are my siblings-in-law! They're pretty good sports to let me use their photos, I think!

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