Coming Down the Line

Posted by Sara on 9th Apr 2015

This little blog is still in its infancy (I think I have like 10 posts so far?) but I love it nonetheless, and I have big hopes for it. Up until now, the posts I've put out there have been mostly to just get info out about our business and some personal reflections. But I've got some new ideas for future articles, and I wanted to share them with you!

First, though, I just want to tell you about why this blog is important to me. This business, Chicory Farm Soap, has always been about true sustainability and honesty. I know a lot of companies say that, and I'm sure they mean it, but I'm really not interested in selling anyone a product that is greenwashed or dishonest. Heck, I'm even uncomfortable with the fact that I can't give you a name, address, and picture of the places where our ingredients come from (that will be possible when we're a bigger company with more buying power, so watch for that in the coming years). As a result, we have to rely on bigger agencies to do our due diligence for us (i.e. Organic and Fair Trade certifications), which isn't the best possible scenario, but not the worst either. (Again, in the spirit of full disclosure, we're not using organic coconut oil yet but I am trying my very very hardest to find a supplier for that. I have a few good leads! It's coming!!)

A little shot of our graduating class at Sterling College. Can you see the eco chic just oozing off us all? Ok, maybe "eco chic" is being a bit generous for our fashion sense... Oh, yeah, and that's all of us, not just our nerdy green sorority or something.

So since sustainability is just as important to me as our lovely products, I want to use this blog as a vehicle for sharing sustainable ideas. I know there are a lot of green news networks out there, but many of them are either too scary or too liberal hippy* or too scientific for the average person. And then even if your readership is huge, aren't you just preaching to the choir? I want to provide fun, useful information in a simple, honest way.

And now I bring you some future ideas that will be coming to this blog near you soon!

  1. Weekly Recipe Roundup
    1. Rather than just providing week after week of healthy vegan meals (as a diet low on the food chain is more sustainable) which is obviously not going to appeal to everyone, I want to focus on the increasingly-popular idea of a whole foods diet (i.e. no processed ingredients). Each week a "guest chef" (a.k.a. anyone who's willing to help me out!) will report back on 7 recipes that they've tried over the past month and give us their review. The catch is that each chef will have a certain diet that they'll have to adhere to, along with the whole foods rule. Some diets in the pipeline include Seasonal, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Soy/Egg Free, On-A-Budget, and Low Fat. If you're interested in participating, drop me a line!
  2. Weekly Green Geek-Out
    1. In an effort to be informed about green goings-on in the world, I follow some cool magazines and resources online. I want to pull an assortment of interesting things that I've learned each week in the world of sustainability and share them with you. Maybe I'll even get to use infographics! (I love those things.)
  3. Artisan & Farmer Profiles
    1. I know some cool artisans and small farmers from all of the craft shows we do. From handmade wood products to cute little ceramics (yea, ok, she's my little sister) to gorgeous handmade paper craft I've got a whole catalogue of interesting people to interview! We'll get to look at sustainability from a different angle here: Supporting small artists and farmers creates sustainable micro-economies and communities, and we can also find out how they green their businesses.

So those are my ideas for now. If you have any thoughts on what you'd like to read about, or if you want to be a guest chef or profiled artisan or farmer, let me know!

*I just wanted to make a note here that this is the second time I've bashed "liberals," while I've never actually mentioned that I consider myself one. So don't run away, dear hippy friends! And you come back here, you conservatives! There's no reason we can't all be friends. I mean, unless you hog all the agave-sweetened-vegan-fair-trade-chocolate. Then I'm going to grab my Birkenstocks and my giant hula hoop and come after you (with love and flowers, of course).

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