Babies, Warm Toes, and Free Stuff!

Babies, Warm Toes, and Free Stuff!

Posted by Paige on 28th Oct 2016

Well, hello there! Paige, here. I'm the resident production manager/Sara's little sister/crazy mom of two amazing boys.

I've been helping out making the wonderful products here at Chicory Farm, and now I'll be jumping in here on the blog to amuse, inform, and educate all of you. And how about give away some free stuff?! Keep reading, I'll get there. I promise.

So here I am, writing this blog post with a baby on my lap and a toddler in the next room learning his letters. 

"But wait, Paige, why aren't you at the office working?"

Great question. First of all, because the WiFi at work isn't great at the moment. But more importantly, because here at Chicory Farm, family is a priority. On any given day, you might walk in to find me making healing salve with a baby strapped to my chest, or asleep in his car seat next to me. Or, you might catch me at home, working from my computer, like today. I love having a job where I can feel good about staying home if one of the boys wakes up with a fever or has been up sick all night. Because as a mom, that's what's important to me. I know all you other parents out there know what I mean!

Who doesn't love a kid and his goat cousins?!

"What about the products, Paige? You make them, so you must have some insider info, right?"

Heck yes, I do.This stuff is awesome. Have you ever met a restaurant employee who refuses to eat the food where they work? Red flags, people. If they can't even stand behind the product, why should you, as the consumer? Lucky for you, I love Chicory Farm products. My family uses goat milk bar soap in the shower as well as at every sink in the house. But that's just the beginning. Here are a few more of my favorite things about Chicory Farm products:

1. I can use them on my kids.

This is a big one for me. Have you ever read the ingredients on your hand soap? Or have you heard that big controversy about how antibacterial soaps are so crazy bad for you? You NEVER have to worry with Chicory Farm products! The ingredients are pure, simple, and easy to read. The only concern I've ever had is that my toddler tried to eat a bar of the Sweet Orange Goat Milk Soap because it "smells so yummy." But even then, I feel comfortable knowing there are no toxic chemicals in the soap, so even if he does have a taste, he'll just learn what soap tastes like.

2. Healing Salve is magical. (Statement not evaluated by the FDA)

Okay, so there won't be unicorns flying around when you open the jar, but this stuff is pretty awesome. We had an experience a few months ago that ended up with the baby getting stitches in his head (long story short, helpful big brother + plastic step stool = bad combination). Now he has a nice scar over his left eye. Luckily, I have Unscented Healing Salve! The docs told us to massage the scar every day to help loosen the tissue up and reduce scarring, so I plop some salve on there and massage away, and boy, that scar is really fading. Personally, I think it's because of the magical powers of the healing salve. Now, of course, you could probably use any scent for grown-ups, but I prefer the unscented for his precious new baby skin.

3. My toes are warm.

"What the heck does that have to do with anything, Paige?"

I'm glad you asked. Ever heard of Raynaud's? It basically means that when it gets cold out (by cold I mean below 60 degrees Fahrenheit), my extremities - toes, fingers, and ears - go numb or really hurt, and turn white. It's fun. That's why you'll see me wearing boots and gloves and a hat when my husband is still wearing jeans and a t-shirt. But anyway... We don't make it anymore, so you can only find it under the Limited Time section, but this Raynaud's Disease Essential Oil Blend is amazing. I can mix it up, put it on my frozen toes, and a few minutes later they actually feel WARM. Warm toes in winter? Now come on, that's unheard of! So if you have Raynaud's or know someone who does, you've got to check this stuff out.

4. There's never any palm oil.

If you happen to be from Rochester, and you've visited the Seneca Park Zoo, you've probably heard about how palm oil harvesting is destroying orangutan habitats. I am totally for being kind to the earth and doing my part to preserve nature, so I'm pretty excited about this one. You will never see palm oil listed as one of our ingredients. We try to use ingredients that can be more sustainably farmed and don't have detrimental effects on the environment. We only have one earth, and we want to take care of it! I'll be writing more about our ingredients in a later post, so stay tuned!

5. They're allergy friendly.

Okay, so this one takes a little common sense. If you're allergic to pine trees, like my husband, I don't recommend using a bar of Cedar and Fir in the shower. But Chicory Farm products are peanut and soy free, and did you know that we use gluten free oats in the oatmeal soap? Yup. That's right. Not that you were planning on eating it, I hope. One note about tree nuts: While they aren't actually tree nuts, coconut and shea butter (found in many of our products) are considered tree nuts when it comes to allergies. So keep that in mind!

Now that you know all about me and my favorite things about Chicory Farm products, it's your turn! Want a chance to win some free stuff? Head over to our Facebook page and find the post about this blog entry. Leave a comment on the post and let us know what your favorite product/scent is and why. If you've never tried Chicory Farm products, leave a comment letting us know why you want to try them! We'll close the contest at 11:59pm EST on November 5th and choose a winner the next day (because I don't want to be awake at midnight... baby and toddler, remember?).

"But wait, Paige! What's the prize?!"

Oh, right. I almost forgot the most important part! The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to use on their favorite Chicory Farm products! Anything you want, any scent you want! 

Okay, ready? Go!!!!!

**Contest will run from time of blog posting until November 5, 2016 at 11:59pm. Employees of Chicory Farm are not eligible to enter. Winner will be chosen randomly and will be notified via e-mail. If we are unable to contact winner, a new one will be chosen. No purchase necessary to win.**

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