About Us, Part 1

Posted by Sara on 7th Jan 2015

One of the reasons I've started blogging more is because I want people who visit our shop online to know the "who" behind our products, not just the "what." People often tell us at craft shows that they can tell we love what we're doing, but there's no way to get that across when you're just offering page after page of products on your website. So in an attempt to pull back the curtain, I'm going to give you some introductions into the Chicory Farm Soap family.

In addition to me there's also Steve (my husband), Grandma Joan (bag maker extraordinaire), and the goats. Technically, that's it! But since we live so close to both of our parents, many of our siblings, and assorted aunts, uncles, and godparents the unofficial Chicory Farm Soap team has lots more members. Steve's siblings are excellent volunteer workers, thanks to their Dad bringing home assorted projects from his work as a Deacon at the local Catholic parish. Tying twine bows, wrapping soap, washing soap boxes, folding pamphlets... As long as we can watch HGTV while we do it, we're golden :)

Steve's whole crew, at our wedding, minus 3 additional nieces & nephews that have been born since then!

Both of our parents are great idea people, too. Steve's parents are more of the interior design help, suggesting new ways to set up our booth display at craft shows. My parents tend to have constructive criticism, which is super helpful. I've definitely gotten into a very particular way of doing things, and it is by no means the quickest or easiest way. They'll see little ways we can economize our time by tweaking the way we do things.

This is me with my parents at my graduation from Sterling College. Maybe I'll talk about my outfit in a later post; it was my senior thesis project!

Steve's godfather is a grand schemer, and he helps us keep the ideas flowing during our weekly dinner dates. No idea is too ridiculous to play with, from handheld crossbows (which were already a thing) to our continuing discussion of a closed-system urban agriculture/composting facility in an abandoned warehouse.

And of course there's Grandma Joan. Some of you may be familiar with at least her name if you've seen us at a craft show in the past few months. When I quit my job in April to become a full-time soap maker, I sent out an email to my family to let them know. Grandma told me when she read the email she thought to herself, "What can I do to help them out with their business?" For my birthday she presented me with some handmade bags, made from leftover (but designer) fabric from my Aunt Bess's interior design company. She had come up with the idea of offering handmade reusable bags to customers when they spend $20 or more at our booth. We thought they were a great idea, and soon realized they were a huge hit! Grandma Joan had her Chicory Farm Soap craft show debut at Christkindl this past November; some of you may have met her there.

This was our display at Christkindl. Steve really went overboard, even to his parents' standards! Grandma Joan's bags are the pink on the back of the mantle.

In the next few posts I'll introduce you to the goats (all 8 of them), Steve, and of course me!

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