5 Surprising Uses for Chicory Farm Products

5 Surprising Uses for Chicory Farm Products

Posted by Paige on 1st Dec 2016

Did you know that soap isn't just for washing with? Check out these other great ways to start using your favorite Chicory Farm products!

1. Air Freshener

Growing up, we always had a live Christmas tree. Once I got married, I realized we would never get to have a live tree in our house, due to my husband’s fir tree allergy.

In my opinion, one of the best things about a live Christmas tree is the smell. Now, I know they make special scented ornaments, but you have to throw those out eventually when they lose their smell. So why not place a few bars of Cedar & Fir Goat Milk Soap on or under the tree to create that fresh-cut tree smell? After Christmas, you can either give them as gifts, or use them around the house!

You can also use our bar soap to add a fresh scent to any room! Just set a few bars of your favorite scent in a decorative dish and let them work their magic! If you notice the bars beginning to lose their scent, you can either use them and replace with new bars, or scrape a few layers off the sides to allow the essential oils to permeate from the inside!

2. Lip Balm

Winter weather not only brings dry skin, but also chapped lips. Chicory Farm Healing Salve is great for soothing your weather-worn lips! Just apply a dab with your finger and you’re good to go! And as a bonus, it will leave them looking soft and shiny! Try unscented, mint, or lavender for your lips.


3. Dog Paw Ointment

It’s dry skin season again. While we humans are acutely aware of our own dry, cracked skin, we often forget about our furry family members. Dogs can get dry, cracked paws from being out in the cold, so why not give them a little TLC?

You can put a little Healing Salve on your puppy’s paws to help soothe their dry skin. Our unscented and lavender are two dog-safe options. And don’t forget – if your dog walks on surfaces where salt is used to melt ice, be sure to wipe them off when you come inside, before applying Healing Salve!


4. Perfume

Have you tried our sugar scrub? Not only does it help to soften skin, but it also provides a fresh, longer lasting scent on your skin than bar soap does. Make it a part of your daily routine instead of using chemical-filled perfumes and body sprays for a gentle, naturally delicious smell!


5. Skin Protection

Why wait until you have dry, cracked skin before using Healing Salve? If you simply put it on before you leave the house during the winter, you’ll have a nice little protective layer from the biting winds and snow! And it’s not just for your hands – rub a little on your cheeks to keep them from getting windburned, too! This is especially great for babies, who generally have more sensitive skin, and kids who love to spend all day outside playing in the snow. Stick with unscented or lavender for your little ones.

So there you have it - five new ways to start using your Chicory Farm products. Did we miss any? Let us know what other ways you use our products - we'd love to hear from you!

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