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Tea Tree Goat Milk Sugar Scrub


Smells like: Herbaceous, Leathery

Suggested uses: Tea Tree is well-known for its cleaning qualities. It's anti-fungal, -bacterial, -viral, and -septic. Use this salve as an alternative to Neosporin, but be careful to keep the jar sterile by never putting your fingers into the jar. The whole jar (or a small amount of salve) can be sterilized by melting it completely down in the microwave (remove label and lid, just in case). Or use the salve as a normal, heavy-duty moisturizer on frustrated skin.

Aromatherapy:  Purifying. Tea Tree is mostly used for cleansing, but is also sometimes used to help with shock.

Sara's Thoughts: Some people find this scent to be unappealing, but for others it's delightful. It is pretty medicinal, but that's for good reason: It's AWESOME for your skin. If you've got acne or skin conditions this is the one to try. Some people say the scent even reminds them of a spa!

Our Goat Milk Sugar Scrub is an Upcycled product! We start with the scrap soap leftover from cutting the bars of soap. First we grind up this scrap, then we melt it down with olive oil, add sugar, and finally add more essential oils. The result is a cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing product-all in one! It's great for frequent use all over your body, from your head to your toes!

Ingredients: Sugar, Goat Milk Bar Soap, Olive Oil, Essential Oils
8.0 oz jar 

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Tea Tree Goat Milk Sugar Scrub