Coming Down the Line

9th Apr 2015

This little blog is still in its infancy (I think I have like 10 posts so far?) but I love it nonetheless, and I have big hopes for it. Up until now, the posts I've put out there have been mostly to just get info out about our business and some perso...
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What are you doing Saturday?

5th Apr 2015

And by "Saturday," I mean every Saturday from April 18 to December 12?Yea, Steve was a little overwhelmed when I decided to commit to being in Romulus, NY every Saturday for basically an entire year. But I'm very excited about this old/new venue: "Sh...
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March is OVER!

31st Mar 2015

I swear, I like writing these. I really do. You'd think that wasn't true by how infrequently I've been doing it lately.Sigh.I used to work at a Unitarian Church. Each year the leadership of several churches around the country and Canada get toge...
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Shop Local Series: ImmuneSchein

5th Mar 2015

As of today, our soap (and body butter) is in, or is slated to be in,  35 shops around the country (that would be New York, Arizona, and Utah). Of course we love getting orders online, but with stuff like soap and body butter sometimes you...
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Shower Chicken and Liquid Soap

26th Feb 2015

You know those goal thermometers? Where you can keep track of how your fundraising is going? I want a goat thermometer so we can keep track of how many goats we can buy from Heifer International. You may be surprised by this, but such a thing does no...
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We Only Milk the Girl Goats

23rd Feb 2015

I'm curious what percentage of people who read the title of this post will wonder to themselves, "Ooh, that's interesting, I wonder why they don't milk the boy goats?" I hope it's not many of you. If you are still scratching your head, go ask your fa...
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The Year of the Goat

12th Feb 2015

Two days ago I was sitting by myself at the Upstate New York Gift Expo trying to think of what cause we wanted to donate to this year. I mentioned in a previous post (and a few times on Facebook) that we've decided to raise our goat milk soap price f...
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Raising Prices For Good

8th Feb 2015

Steve and I have been mulling over some tough decisions lately. Big things, like what sort of legal structure our business should have and little things like the precise wording on our labels. But there's one thing that's been gnawing on us for month...
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A Death and a Birth

21st Jan 2015

I know some of you have been curious about whatever happened with Fienne, the goat from my previous blog post who was having a rough labor. I've been waiting for a change so I could give you an update, but for six and a half days nothing was cha...
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