What's a Healing Salve?

30th Mar 2016

At craft shows I get asked all the time, "What's 'Healing Salve'?"In retrospect, this was perhaps not the most obvious name I could have given to this product...So I am here today to explain to you what our Healing Salve is, and why you want som...
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January: Renew, Refresh

17th Jan 2016

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that you're enjoying getting back to the grind this January. I know I've been loving the chance to dive back into my work with Chicory Farm Soap in an intentional and reenergized way....
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Defining Success

15th Jul 2015

As a millennial, the definition of "success" hasn't been handed to me. My generation has had the blessing and the curse of trying to decide what that word means for each of us, individually (since, after all, we are special little snowflakes). This d...
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Blatantly Honest: Body Butter Problems

23rd Jun 2015

We say we're transparent, but what have I done lately to prove that to you? Well, it's time for a blatantly honest, we're-only-human-too blog post.Body Butter. Sigh. She's a fickle product. We started making our body butter in the fall, and man was i...
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You Too Can Grow Food In Dirt!

10th Jun 2015

Woohoo! A brainless infographic to help us non-gardeners figure out how to garden! It's not too late to start your garden, though your green-thumbed friends have probably got a pretty decent head start on you. Not to worry! Check out the great infogr...
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How Sara Got Her Groove Back

18th May 2015

Today I caught myself smiling in the car as I drove to Verizon to get my smashed phone replaced. I laughed out loud, wondering how I could be smiling when I'd just spent $4,000 I couldn't really afford to spend on show fees and marketing fees, hadn't...
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Goats, Not Lawns!

7th May 2015

This past week Steve and I spent some time down south in Atlanta, GA. The very best part of it was the absolutely perfect weather and the beautiful, fully leafed-out trees. I have a feeling that as soon as I land in Rochester it'll be back to the lan...
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Happy Earth Day!

21st Apr 2015

It's Earth Day today! I wanted to share something fun and informational that was still uplifting and positive about ways we can fix the negative impact we often have on the environment. We all know we do things we shouldn't do like throwing out thing...
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Weekly Green Geekout: Floating Ecotopia

9th Apr 2015

I actually found some sweet stuff this week. ....That doesn't sound very confident.It's not that I didn't think I'd find sweet stuff, I just was surprised by how awesome the stuff was that Pinterest dropped in my lap.Like this:It's a beautiful floati...
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