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What's a Healing Salve?

At craft shows I get asked all the time, "What's 'Healing Salve'?"

In retrospect, this was perhaps not the most obvious name I could have given to this product...

So I am here today to explain to you what our Healing Salve is, and why you want some!

Mmmm... Lavender!

I created our Healing Salve because people kept asking us for Goat Milk Lotion. Lotion, especially goat milk lotion, requires preservatives to help it stay shelf-stable. You can make a goat milk lotion without preservatives, but you'll only be able to keep it around for about 2 weeks, and that's assuming you're keeping it refrigerated! So instead of making a preservative-laden lotion, I thought I'd create a salve instead!

Our salve doesn't have goat milk in it, but it is made with beeswax. Hopefully someday soon I'll be able to tell you it's made with OUR beeswax, but our bees have yet to provide me with the good stuff. Along with the beeswax our salve is made with oils (coconut, olive, and castor) and scented with pure essential oils (except for the Unscented, of course!). 

The consistency and texture of our salve is very different from a lotion. In fact, I've taken to telling people to think of it as a "natural Vaseline". It's excellent for especially stressed skin (dry, itchy, cracked) and a little goes a long way. I usually put a pea-sized amount on the back of my right hand and rub it in a few times a day (I have this bad habit of scratching my knuckles when I'm anxious or stressed. I guarantee you'll notice me doing it if you see me at a craft show!). Yes, it's definitely "greasier" than traditional lotions, but most people who try it find this feeling to be luxurious and indulgent, rather than annoying.

One other benefit of our Healing Salve is that it's an aromatherapy product. Unlike our other products, which all have soap in them and therefore need to be washed off, our salve is our only product that you can apply throughout the day to soothe your spirit or focus your mind.

I hope that clears up some confusion! I dearly love our Healing Salve (as evidenced by the half dozen jars I keep open around the house and car) and I know you will too!