Don't want to pay for shipping?

12th Nov 2018

Hello, my lovely customers!I have a quick-and-soapy message for you today.If you'd like to save on shipping (and who wouldn't?) I have two ways that you can get FREE shipping every day of the year. Yes! No longer will you have to suffer the cruel fat...
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5 Surprising Uses for Chicory Farm Products

1st Dec 2016

Did you know that soap isn't just for washing with? Check out these other great ways to start using your favorite Chicory Farm products!1. Air FreshenerGrowing up, we always had a live Christmas tree. Once I got married, I realized we would never...
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Babies, Warm Toes, and Free Stuff!

28th Oct 2016

Well, hello there! Paige, here. I'm the resident production manager/Sara's little sister/crazy mom of two amazing boys. I've been helping out making the wonderful products here at Chicory Farm, and now I'll be jumping in here on the blog to amuse, in...
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What's That Delicious Smell?

10th Apr 2016

Pop quiz: Do you know how many different scents our products come in?Answer: 15! We started off with 3 (Lavender, Grapefruit & Lemongrass, and Cedar & Fir), then grew to about 25, and finally settled back down to 15. A much more manageable...
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Gotta Spend Money to Make Money

19th Jan 2015

Oy vey.Yes, folks, it's that time of year again. The time of year when all of the decisions impacting the rest of the year have to be made. And I am in no mood to make big decisions.These decisions include choosing craft shows, ordering bulk oils (ol...
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Moving In With Mom & Dad

4th Jan 2015

Since Steve and I are in our mid-20s, it's about time we moved back in with our parents, right? Luckily this move-in is just for the business, not for us and our two rambunctious dogs.When we started making soap, we were living in a huge old house th...
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Soap Photo Shoot

2nd Jan 2015

New year, time for new pictures! Luckily I have access to a pretty nice little set up with fancy flashy light boxes and a big white blackdrop. And it's right next door! My husband and I live next door to my Dad's business right now (Turnbull Manuf...
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