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January: Renew, Refresh

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that you're enjoying getting back to the grind this January. I know I've been loving the chance to dive back into my work with Chicory Farm Soap in an intentional and reenergized way. That's what happens when you take the break you need, right?

I was talking to a marketing advisor the other day (ooh, fancy!) and she helped me organize and plan the best way to help Chicory Farm Soap have her little voice heard on the internet. So I've recommitted to blogging weekly and posting on social media about things that matter to me and my business. We're talking clean beauty routines, sustainability ideas, crafting, green living, and leading a happy life. I love it!

One of our new beautiful photographs taken by Mike Nelson.

Since it's January and many of us are thinking about refreshing our lives in one way or another I thought I'd share my little pitch for switching to natural body care products. I sometimes hear customers say that they don't use natural products because they don't work as well, they're too expensive, or they just don't like the way they feel. This is what I hear them say before they try our products. If you've never tried goat milk soap it's really worth your time. Our natural soap is so gentle on your skin and it honestly moisturizes while it cleanses. I can't tell you how many people have told me that just switching to our goat milk soap has kept their skin smooth and crack-free during the winter. And others have told us that our soap is the only cure for their eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, and even age spots!

I'm not trained as a chemist, so I don't have a full grasp on what non-natural ingredients are safe and what ones are potentially hazardous to our health. Instead, I just apply the same philosophy in my business that I use in life: If I don't know what the ingredient is and there's an alternative product available without it, I'll stick to the more-natural option. Are there amazing chemicals out there that save and improve lives every day? Absolutely! But my passions don't include chemistry, so I'm going to stick to what I know and do it as well as I can.

Well I'm off to do some packing for my upcoming trip to Las Vegas! We have a wholesale show next week, which I will bring you lots of details on! (Will you be at the Las Vegas Gift Show? We'll be in room C #1156!)