Moving In With Mom & Dad

4th Jan 2015

Since Steve and I are in our mid-20s, it's about time we moved back in with our parents, right? Luckily this move-in is just for the business, not for us and our two rambunctious dogs.When we started making soap, we were living in a huge old house th...
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Soap Photo Shoot

2nd Jan 2015

New year, time for new pictures! Luckily I have access to a pretty nice little set up with fancy flashy light boxes and a big white blackdrop. And it's right next door! My husband and I live next door to my Dad's business right now (Turnbull Manuf...
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Year In Review

30th Dec 2014

It's 4:00pm on New Year's Eve. Steve and I had an ever-so-last-minute meeting with our lovely accountant today, and we're brainstorming our little hearts out about the year to come.This year was an awesome year for us, and I hope it was for you too!...
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Dipping Our Toes Into Aromatherapy

21st Jul 2014

My best friend Rachel has been on encouraging me to use the handy blog function on our website (thanks, Big Commerce!). I'm never too sure what to write about, but she reminded me that Chicory Farm Soap isn't just about soap, it's about natural livin...
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