Defining Success

Posted by Sara on 15th Jul 2015

As a millennial, the definition of "success" hasn't been handed to me. My generation has had the blessing and the curse of trying to decide what that word means for each of us, individually (since, af … read more

Blatantly Honest: Body Butter Problems

Posted by Sara on 23rd Jun 2015

We say we're transparent, but what have I done lately to prove that to you? Well, it's time for a blatantly honest, we're-only-human-too blog post.Body Butter. Sigh. She's a fickle product. We started … read more

You Too Can Grow Food In Dirt!

Posted by Sara on 10th Jun 2015

Woohoo! A brainless infographic to help us non-gardeners figure out how to garden! It's not too late to start your garden, though your green-thumbed friends have probably got a pretty decent head star … read more

How Sara Got Her Groove Back

Posted by Sara on 18th May 2015

Today I caught myself smiling in the car as I drove to Verizon to get my smashed phone replaced. I laughed out loud, wondering how I could be smiling when I'd just spent $4,000 I couldn't really affor … read more

Goats, Not Lawns!

Posted by Sara on 7th May 2015

This past week Steve and I spent some time down south in Atlanta, GA. The very best part of it was the absolutely perfect weather and the beautiful, fully leafed-out trees. I have a feeling that as so … read more

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