We Had a (Human) Baby!

19th Jul 2020

Or, we will be having one very soon! Our first child is due tomorrow, July 20th, and we're very excited! As I write this I'm getting the last of my boxes checked off, hoping our little one will be with us in just a few short days. I'll be taking some...
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The Great Discontinuation

12th Jul 2019

Hey guys! Just a quick note to let you all know that I will be discontinuing all of our liquid soap and sugar scrubs. Since I took a full-time job two years ago it's been hard to keep up with Chicory Farm Soap, so I'm scaling back just to the parts t...
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Don't want to pay for shipping?

12th Nov 2018

Hello, my lovely customers!I have a quick-and-soapy message for you today.If you'd like to save on shipping (and who wouldn't?) I have two ways that you can get FREE shipping every day of the year. Yes! No longer will you have to suffer the cruel fat...
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The Entrepreneur's Journey (Where Have I BEEN?!)

14th Aug 2018

People ask me all the time if I have the best job in the world. "Don't you just love it?" They ask, eyes moist and smiles wide. I feel like it's my responsibility to respond "Oh, yeah, it's great!" even when I'm not sure that's how I feel.For the pas...
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Paige's Goat Cookies Recipe

23rd Dec 2016

We love making Christmas presents for our friends and family, and this year, it's been great letting my older son join in! In the past we have made Christmas cookies for our dogs, as well as their doggy friends, but this year we decided to include Sa...
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5 Surprising Uses for Chicory Farm Products

1st Dec 2016

Did you know that soap isn't just for washing with? Check out these other great ways to start using your favorite Chicory Farm products!1. Air FreshenerGrowing up, we always had a live Christmas tree. Once I got married, I realized we would never...
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Back to Where it All Began

17th Nov 2016

Hey guys.I wanted to introduce you to some friends this week. They're big, furry, and are crazy about dandelions. Yup, they're goats!Let me start by saying that not all goats are created equal. Before goats became a part of the family, I was pretty m...
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Goats, Goats, Goats!

11th Nov 2016

Hey guys, I was writing a different post this week, but with all the chaos going on in our country right now, I think what we all need is some goat photos. Each of these photos is a past or current member of the Chicory Farm family.This is baby Pearl...
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Babies, Warm Toes, and Free Stuff!

28th Oct 2016

Well, hello there! Paige, here. I'm the resident production manager/Sara's little sister/crazy mom of two amazing boys. I've been helping out making the wonderful products here at Chicory Farm, and now I'll be jumping in here on the blog to amuse, in...
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