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Chicory Farm Soap

Assorted Seconds, 1 lb


When you order our assorted seconds you'll get the same great product you're used to, just a different shape or size, and at over 65% off! Most of our seconds these days are the ends of the loaves of soap that come about when we use our manual soap cutter to cut the bars (about one pound of these shown here). Sometimes you'll get a bar that's not quite large enough, and sometimes they're perfect in everyway except that they've picked up some discoloration from a label that got wet.

While it's nearly impossible to send a particular scent (they usually are all mixed together) we can stay away from certain scents if you just can't handle them. Leave a comment at checkout and we'll do our best. Enjoy!

Thank You, Sara and her Goats!
Posted 12th May 2018 by vicki

This is my third review. The longer I use these soaps the more I love and appreciate them! I just wanted to say "thank you", again. I appreciate the consistently great quality you provide. I hope you never stop making these soaps. If you ever do, please let me know so I can stock up for life!! I don't want to be without them.

Best Soap Bar!
Posted 5th Mar 2018 by Jamie Killom

I initially got these soap bars in a store in Ithaca, and as soon as I used it I was convinced that I should've been using a soap bar my whole life! I got this assorted kit because it's a bit more cost-friendly, and I don't care what the smell of the soap is. It was the amount of 4 soap bars, so it's well worth the $12 for that if you don't care which scent you get. I got 4 different scents in my batch.

Lovely soap
Posted 18th Dec 2017 by Devon

Love this soap so much, it is the only soap I've found that leaves my skin clean without being dry. Something about it just works with my oils and with this soap I don't have to wear deodorant; I think it just cleans my underarms without drying the skin and stimulating the oil glands under there.

Best Soap I Have Ever Used
Posted 18th Apr 2017 by vicki

This is my second order and my second review. I have been using this soap for several months now. It consistently leaves my skin balanced and soft, never dry. I love the smell of all of them. Very light and clean. What I have found that is unique to Sara's soaps is that the soap remains firm and smells the same even when it gets down to a tiny sliver. Most soaps lose their scent by the time they get small but these do not. Thank you again for your lovely soaps!

Posted 24th Mar 2017 by Sam

I was blown away by the quality of these soap products. The bars leave you feeling clean and refreshed without drying your skin or overpowering you with artificial scents. They're delicate enough to be used daily and I will absolutely purchase more in the future.

Posted 24th Feb 2017 by vicki

I want to thank Sara and the goats involved in making this beautiful soap.It has such a lovely and delicate scent... very soothing and relaxing. I also enjoy the silky feel of it and how my skin feels after my shower. I love the fact that the soap was made in a barn somewhere. It just makes me smile. I love all of the scents... the mint, the lavender and rosemary and...well I forgot the other one but love them all. Thank you so much for offering the odds and ends because this is a perfect way for me to purchase your lovely soaps. I just saw the dirty dog soaps and I absolutely love the packaging! Will probably have to get some of those just for the cuteness. :)

Soaps, salves, and body butter
Posted 24th Nov 2016 by Sara

Every item I received from this shop was perfect. Communicative and easy to work with. The shop owner was very kind about avoiding scents that bother me in the assorted seconds. My sister loved the salve and body butter for her growing baby bump.

excellent option
Posted 7th Nov 2016 by Rebecca Brenneis

This product is great. Great portion sizes and scents and I love that I can contribute to the elimination of waste! I recently ordered this product and got five or so "bars" of soap. They may not be the standard size but each one was ample and the scents were lovely. All for a discount and the utilizing perfectly excellent soap that may have otherwise just gotten thrown out. Such a good option.

Posted 23rd Jan 2016 by Matthew E Philips

Wonderful customer service, fast shipping & a great product! Love it!! My favorite way to try their different options.

great value for a good soap
Posted 24th Jan 2015 by dianne noe

I wanted bars to make felted soap bars.. These work very well at a great price.

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